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Online Bullying Club for Mothers: TWWS | June 17, 2013


“We aren’t really trolls!”

Trolls With Wooden Spoons is a forum that is more or less a club for women to get together on the internet and bond over judging other women and mothers. It’s not just that, it’s so much more. It’s a place to plot and scheme. Small plots involve just deeply hurting feelings of people they’ve been quietly watching, or on nice days ripping their lives to shreds for entertainment without inviting them to witness it. Bigger plots involve stepping into the personal lives of their targets in various menacing ways.

Some people are only familiar with either this group, or the Dr. Amy trolls. Not everyone is familiar with both. The line blurs sometimes, however, and sometimes the same members are found in each. At the end of the day a troll is still a troll. Even if each group thinks they are special or different from the other, their behaviors and reputations are pretty much the same.

You’ve heard the common refrain– “disagreeing is not trolling!” Of course not, but that’s not why you’re trolls. From Fed Up with Natural Childbirth, the snark site Trolls With Wooden Spoons is brought up.

^ Also, Trolls are smart even though there are homebirthers there, and others (including Stacey Westover Martin) say that they are part of that forum, too.

It’s kind of interesting, since there have been problems between these groups of trolls before. (See: Trolls Collide). It even gets referenced over here, at Mama Tao (run by Dr. Amy trolls). It’s worth noting that chronologically, this image \/ actually takes place before the one just above.

Likewise, TWWS often complains that Dr. Amy and her trolls are far more cruel and closed-minded than they could ever be. Neither one seems to realize just how similar they are to the other. They are all in total denial of their level of malice.

The next couple of pics below show ongoing snark on one particular woman they found on a parenting forum. The woman has had an unassisted birth. They pool resources and try to sleuth how to interfere with her life, including future births.

How do people come to be trolls? Sometimes they start off as women who’ve been targeted and come to look up to the bullies. Here’s troll Zilch’s introduction.

Zilch (aka Charlotte Cohen) would go on to be a very involved troll, doing activities such as using Facebook to message the friends and relatives of people she was targeting, as a “warning” to them. Some people so admire abusers, they want to copy that “strength” and become abusive themselves. She won’t tell you who she was when she was being mocked, but she assures she can troll with the best of them.

“I don’t appreciate being called a troll!” we often hear. Tell us one more time, please, how you are not trolls.

Trolls of any kind really just crave a sense of belonging, and in their warped minds this is best done when getting together with others to tear other people down. Needing a group that feels supportive is something we all feel from time to time. If your group is dedicated to tormenting strangers and you call that fun, you’re a troll and a bully. You’re wrecking real lives. You don’t even really know the people you choose to harm. You earned your title. Your group isn’t actually helping you, it’s enabling your sick behavior. Get help.

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