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TWWS Join Your Due Date Clubs, Share Your Info | June 19, 2013

Becky James shares the following story with us.

I have a name to add to the list for a troll(from TWWS) that has been detrimental to a few people, including me

This is who started online bullying me on TWWS in late march and in the past has picked at peoples’ lives who have UC’d and who are mentally ill or who have gotten treatment, but she refuses to accept that they have.

Jacquelyn Buesch, jbk21(MDC), tofuscramble(TWWS), HopMama (TWWS)

In late March, I thought I was pregnant(it turned out I was, but had a false negative). I was an avid user of MDC and had no issue sharing my life with them, just as they did with me. We had become tight knit and seemed secure…. So I thought. It turns out, there were people going behind my back, mainly Jacquelyn, and going to TWWS to report any mishap in my life. But the worst bit was when I thought I was pregnant and asked them on my birth board about cervical position and cervical mucous and whatnot. She IMMEDIATELY assumed I thought I was pregnant, just because I didn’t know EXACTLY what was going on with my body and went to TWWS, and they started tearing me to shred from that point. A 30-something page thread was written mostly about me and how “sad” my life is and that I’m delusional, etc. And how someone should “help me” since my life was such a mess. Urgh!

I discovered that their “writing voice” was EXACTLY the same. Then I called tofuscramble out on being jbk21 when I was on TWWS. She and an admin IMMEDIATELY jumped on me about “no other aliases and no real names”. So I know it’s her.

I used to be Facebook friends with her. Like a year ago

On our due date club board on, we all shared our facebook profiles and friended each other.

There were people in the [hate] thread that are in my area (which was shocking because im in a kind of small area) and said they knew where I live and my phone number and shared it with others. Very disturbing.

I didn’t confront her on her FB. She had me blocked at the time. She blocked me because she was talking about me and if I found out, she didn’t want the drama to be pulled into the more “real” part of her life.

Thanks to Becky for being brave enough to let us publish her story and use her name. If any of you have a story you need to share, anonymously or not, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are putting a stop to these bullies, with the truth.

Jacquelyn had no problem getting close to someone in order to affect their personal life and share all their info, but put all the breaks on her own profile as soon as she was found out. She didn’t want anyone interfering with her personal life the way she had Becky’s. She can be found here:

Please think twice before friending people you don’t know, especially from parenting forums and Due Date Clubs.


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