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The Master List of Trolls

YOU Have a Right to Know Who You are Talking To. Here you’ll find an ongoing, continually edited and added-to list of everyone who has been involved in internet birth trolling activities, their aliases, pages, and any other info we think you may find helpful for your discernment. Contact us via Private Message at our Facebook page here if you have anything you need to add.

Submissions:  Your stories and accounts are valuable and we thank you for providing them. Please, for credibility, please try to provide screen shots whenever possible. Thank you.

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Anti Natural Childbirth Trolls

These folks are associated with various facets of anti-natural birth groups, including but not limited to: Dr. Amy, The Skeptical OB, The Raptors, Fed Up with Natural Childbirth, and membership at various parenting forums for purposes of entertainment, bashing, or recruitment.

Some have had natural births of any degree but are still members of these hate groups. Participation amounts may vary. Knowledge amongst themselves of one another or of all activities differ by individual.

Adalheid “Heidi” Faith
Heidi is a Christian doula and the founder of Stillbirthday, which is supported by all the raptors, trolls, anti NCB, Dr. Amy, and BWF. Heidi had a tough life full of hardship and trauma, the kind which teaches kids really quick how to manipulate to get what they want as a survival mechanism. This background carried on into Heidi’s adulthood and has helped Heidi making fast friends with her sweet side, but make sure you don’t get on her bad side. With a flip of a switch, Heidi turns into another person. If Heidi wants something and you are not doing your part to make this happen for her, she will find ways to get what she wants. I am not yet sure if she is aware of it or not. She is either borderline multiple personality, bipolar, or a sociopath. When her anger is roused, she will manipulate, lie, and try to provoke a reaction out of her perceived enemies. She knows how to use the right passive-aggressive tone with her critics to appear to maintain a moral high ground and gather sympathy. It is at times difficult to communicate with Heidi because she will keep insisting on the same points without further clarifying, try to wear you down by repeatedly asking the same things of you, and like some of the other trolls, she is good at not hearing the gist of what you are trying to say to her (or flat out ignoring it). She likes to invoke her Christianity a lot as a means to relay that she is trustworthy and good. For Heidi, Stillbirthday is all about her (deceased) son’s legacy and she is seemingly unaware of the feelings of others surrounding the fabric of her organization. Any disagreement will be seen as a slight against her and her son. She has the endorsement of Amy and January BWF, partly because she is as the latter described, “a good Christian woman”. One post that really highlights her mental state is this:
“Addie Devant”/ attitude devant
Fed Upper, Raptor,  can be reasoned with but her ideology makes her less tolerant.
Aleah (Lane) Steiner/ NurseaAleah RN
Fed Upper, Raptor, lonely, moves around a lot. Has something to prove constantly in her interactions with others, which is visible at her blog Life Being Blonde. She feels better about herself, like a victor (which is very important to her) when she is “sticking it to people”, even in seemingly harmless day-to-day happenings. Known for telling people they don’t get gold medals for natural birth and aren’t special for pushing a baby out their vag. Told the Skeptical Mother that she gets a gold star for achieving the non-achievement of natural birth. Also known for even Dr. Amy criticizing her for being sexist– amongst their own Fed Up group. If it weren’t for her cruelty (probably stemming from daddy issues), she would be an otherwise smart, somewhat intellectual and liberal person. At least has a soft spot for her kids, which is where you get to see her humanity.
Alexis Coxon/ Sanveann
Fed Upper, Raptor, TWWS. Seems reasonable at times, is able to be composed, but still partakes. Member of other trolly sites/forums. Created a master Birth List on Facebook for the trolls to follow, to keep up with and stalk all the latest on the people they hate the most. May be responsible for My Midwife Said What.
Alexis Rosoff Treeby/Nylon
Alisson Jones/ OR-guest/Melissa HT/ “Daisy Smith”
An original Raptor, seems reasonable when dealt with one-on-one. Then, she totally flips it on you. Says she doesn’t have and will never have children, yet has strong opinions about birth. May all be aliases of a raptor “elder”.
Amanda Jones
Amber Plyler (Gray)
Midwife in training who changed her course after being cyber influenced by Bambi Chapman and other trolls. They give her pats on back for being so “smart”. She is very impressionable. Blogs at Midwifeology. Read more about Amber here:
Andy Sewell
Anj Fabian
Fed Upper
Amy Grover
“Dr.” Amy Tuteur
(retired, practiced a few years, 20 years ago)
Had a father die due to negligent care in-hospital. Did not come back to work after having kids. After taking all that time to become a doctor, her actual years practicing were very short. Some have implied that she was asked not to return to work. Believes that all natural parenting beliefs are based on “woo”, and followed only by “sanctimommies” (people who want to make others feel bad about their parenting choices). Thinks there’s never a bad time for a c-section. Known for skewing the results of studies (even controversial ones) to derive the meanings of her choosing and circulating those stats as fact. Experienced a trauma during her brief practicing years when her patient was injured at birth and lost a baby due to Amy’s failure to trust her own professional instinct (instead, she listened to a senior doctor) by giving the patient a c-section that would have ultimately saved the woman and child. Deep down, Amy really does believe in trusting yourself over another “expert”, but she has a hard time reconciling that with her education, ego, and the need to make a name for herself and feel important in her retirement years, now that the kids are mostly grown. Tells the Raptors who to go after, alerts anti-ncb fans of new loss stories and mothers. Is responsible for blogs and pages such as The Skeptical OB, Hurt by Homebirth, and Fed up with natural childbirth. Believes that women who are single or divorced mothers, regardless of circumstances (including being beaten or cheated on) are selfish if they do not stay with children’s biological father. Believes that gay parents are selfish. Is widely known as the Rush Limbaugh of online birth talk. Is a supporter of Stillbirthday.
Anna Park-sargent
“Anne Nguyen”
Ashlee Beres
Raptor. Believes homebirth kills and that it’s her job to educate women on the internet about it (even if they don’t want to hear it). Seems to have an attitude towards “crunchy” parenting things.
Atina Roberts
Fed Upper, Raptor. Blogs at Harmony and All that Jazz. Likes to play moral superior in “public”, but when feeling comfortable with her friends she is much more tolerable of all claws being out. Could potentially have more of a conscience if you were to have one-on-one with.
Bambi Chapman
Multiple-role member in Stillbirthday, one of the most vocal anti-NCB Raptors. Member of Fed Up and every other sub-group. More than likely the most unstable member in the group. She gave birth to a daughter who was premature at home before midwife arrival. Midwife and paramedics checked them out and gave seal of approval. She left babe alone to shower and baby passed away. Insists midwife “murdered” her baby and homebirth is bad. Disregarded her midwife’s attempts to communicate with her on the matter and misconstrues attempts at peace often as being against her. Told loss mother Michelle that she did not love her baby because Michelle didn’t blame her own midwife for the loss of her son (for which there really was no fault). Believes that any baby that dies at a midwife’s birth is truly killed by the midwife, regardless of circumstances. Started having many children at a young age and did not seem truly interested in natural birth as a method. Known for accusing people who were not guilty of “baby killing”. Truly unhinged and frankly not very bright. Blogs at Mom of Many Feet. The turning point for her may have been when the coroner stated baby’s cause of death was “homebirth”. Craves being around infant loss… she thinks to help, but doesn’t seem to realize that she wants to stay suffering, opening up her own wounds over and over again. Stuck absolutely in the anger stage of grief, cycling. Releases personal, private information for just suspecting a person’s involvement in this list (which she was wrong about).
Becky Mandala (Huffman)
Becky Miller Chamberlin
“Birth Stories”/ Kelli Stapleton
Not a major troll, but came to the Dr. Amy groups after declaring how she tires of the wacky beliefs of NCB (natural childbirth) people. All while sharing your stories. Kelli S. runs a popular site/page that seems to indiscriminately provide the public with a variety of birth stories. This hasn’t stopped her from joining Fed Up and proclaiming how she hates hearing how “out there” some people really are. Trust her with your birth story and photos at your own risk.
Brenna Prosser
“Candace Rice”/ “Cindy Jones”/Cindy Jane”/ “Fran Raptor”
Our most recent info suggests she is Cindy DiFrancisco. She also runs the counter blogs and page to ours, and she spams the internet and FB with it. Originally we felt motives, language, and location suggests she is Bambi Chapman. We were not ruling out Liz P. or Heidi. We also highly suspected Florence. Our reasons are in the posts on Candace.
Carolyne Davidson
Cassie McNeil Paredes/ Marlet/ OtherMother’n’Madre
TWWS, MDC, spotted hanging around The Hendersons’ group. The Hendersons are a family trying to regain custody of their kids. There have been claims that members of TWWS have been plotting against them.
Charlotte Cohen/ Zilch
TWWS, stalks people she targets with her group
Chelsea Kidd
Fed Up,  possible Raptor, picks fights
Cindy DiFrancisco
Fed Upper, Raptor, multiple roles at Stillbirthday. Formerly suspected as being a Heidi alias do to being present and liking wherever Heidi would be. A follower. Copies whoever she admires at the time.
Claire Louise Lloyd
UK based troll, Fed Upper, TWWS
Colleen Cranny
Colleen Duffy Moulton/ TCMoulton/Holly Bear
Cori Melvin
Crystal Beers
Cynthia Tussey Walling
Danielle Hasley Repp/ Doula Dani
Darleen Tanita
Deb O’Connell
Fed Upper, North Carolina midwife. Tracked down a loss mother on Facebook to tell her to keep her story off the internet if she doesn’t want harassment.
Desiree Scorcia Halter
“Doc Beaufort”
Dominic Monshum
“Duchess Dork”
Elinor Tuffnell
Elizabeth Ann/ LDavis/Lauren Davis/Meepy Cat/BlueShoes/momadance
Elizabeth Brown/ “Skeptical Mum”
Elizabeth Magaletta Garibay
Elizabeth Simoneau
Emilie Hudson
TWWS, Fed Upper, anti-homebirth
Emily Kinney
Emily Matthias/ PoppyandPear
Florence Brun Tirakayos
Associated with Fed Up, Dr. Amy, and the Raptors. Florence’s first language is French, and it shows in idiosyncrasies of her speech. Someone closely related to her experienced traumatic natural birth (a loss), which may fuel her hate for it. She likes to play moral high-ground, often taking an I’m-disappointed-in-you stance to try to manipulate people emotionally. When that doesn’t work, she has no problem getting nastier herself. It’s all a game to her, which is why she is suspected of fronting several personas/aliases. She annoys even the Raptors and looks up to Aleah and wishes she could be more like her.
Heather Armstrong
Heather Ewoldt Johnson
Helen E. Mercier Davis
“Holly (Myers) DeHaven”
speech patterns mimic Florence.
Ilise Newman
Raptor, associated with Stillbirthday, Fed Up member, etc. Ilise runs “Balanced Birth” on fb, which, with her background, is akin to Fox News being “Fair and Balanced”. Known for getting the boot from BWF for harassing loss mother Michelle. She was, of course, readmitted when some form of apology was made to BWF (not Michelle). She is not always unreasonable but flip flops between utilizing mob mentality and being a rational human being. Is probably more reasonable one-on-one.
Jackie Hattori
Jacquelinny Eileen
Jacquelyn Buesch/ tofuscramble/ jbk21/HopMama
TWWS, MDC. Known for befriending someone on the Due Date Club at, and then becoming Facebook friends with them. Then she brings personal info and snark to TWWS to rip them apart. Many members of TWWS do this. When her aliases and real name got called out at TWWS, they chastised the victim using real names and other aliases. Then Jacquelyn FB blocks the offending victim before they can confront them in her own personal life.
“Jade Jymson”
Mama Tao character
Janine Gunn
January Harshe/ January Birthwithoutfear
Not a troll in the typical sense, but counted because she has engaged in trolling activities and for her alignment with Dr. Amy trolls to the detriment of her fans. Blogs at Birth Without Fear, one of the biggest birth blogs and Facebook pages out there. She became associated with Stillbirthday when Heidi appealed to her and worked out some kind of promotion arrangement. January was and is disliked in general by the trolls, but has gained some favor (even if short-lived) by standing by Stillbirthday after being sufficiently convinced of their stability. Is not the type to let a thing like loyalty or friendship get in the way of running her page and blog. To her, January is always the bottom line. She will do what it takes to feel like the head honcho and it’s her way or the highway. She can manipulate words with the best of them if you question or disagree with her, and she will make it clear that you are not an equal in a conversation, treating people on her page and in groups like they are children who need reprimanding if they do not respond to her in the desired fashion. Whatever keeps her feeling important and like the only birth page that matters is her goal. It is uncertain at this time if there was a monetary arrangement for her support, or if her support was given due to flattery, or to the promise of being THE birth blogger to bridge the gap between the opposed birth ideologies. Has a reputation for chastising people during otherwise civil (but heated) discussions, deleting people and comments on a whim, playing moral high ground by using language that attempts to convince the other party that they look like fools to everyone, and taking month-long (or better yet, “permanent”!) breaks that last a week or less. Constantly craves affirmation that she is awesome, responds kindly to little else.
Jen Lewis
Jenn Hooper
Fed Up, probable Raptor, founded Action to Improve Maternity.
Jennifer Delaney
“Jennifer Ralph”
Another Heidi persona, we’re guessing. She likes natural birth, praises looks, pretends to be neutral, and advocates Stillbirthday. Seeing a pattern? Member on Fed Up With Natural Childbirth.
Jennifer Tidwell
Jeri Fallon/ Eclipse
Jes Midgett
Jessica Muff-Stearns
Jessie Rae
Jill S. (Wengerd Evans) Berry

Jill Whitley
Joanna Felo
Jolene Philley/ jellop(s) / Stoneheart
Joni Towers/Joanna “Jonna” Tanners/Joanna Tierney
All aliases that change using the same profile and profile pics. She has been banned from some birth pages and is thought by some to be Florence. Her tone shifts suspiciously from being innocent to knowing about anything in birth communities, to knowing about people/trolls personally.
“Kallie Bloom”
Motives and speech patterns point consistently to Heidi Faith
Karen Koy
Kaschelle Thiessen/ KinkyLaMama
Kayla Willingham
Kim Blumburg
Kim-Marie Ferré
Kimberly Pilkington
Kory Oranksy
Kristen Simpson (Winter)
Laura Harger Bruno
Laura Neimeyer
Lauren Baden
Laynie A. Messina (Gersham)
Leah Katz Peavy / Foxy/Merliah
Lidia Rozdilsky
Lilah Cole/ “Bobbi Cole”
Fed Up, Raptor, possibly a doctor
“Lilliana Violet”
Fed Upper, one of many believed troll aliases. Friend of Stacey.
Lily Stolc
Lindsay Perkins
Lindsay Marie (Roth)
Bambi’s (former?) BFF, this Raptor and Fed Upper blogs at Life as 5, mostly about how much she is tormented from the untimely death of her brother in law. Many of her posts are about how much the world sucks without him here and how she doesn’t know how she will get by. Before that, she was known as having major depression and being medicated. She is known for coming to pages she hates to provoke a response and antagonize for amusement. She is also known for lashing out at a friend who was up late and had just had a baby because the friend was short tempered in trying to help Lindsay snap out of her dwelling on grief. For that crime being so unforgivable, Lindsay has chosen to mock, torment, and relentlessly slam this girl’s name and info all over her group and the web, dismissing all attempts at apology or explanation (something she shares in common with her friend Bambi). Death makes her feel important and defines her.
Lisa Marie Letzelter
Lisa Miller (Hartman)/ “Lisa Lisa”
Considered the creator of Mama Tao. Natural (hospital?) birth left her feeling disillusionment and a great amount of pain. She is angry that prolonged pain in childbirth can lead to conditions like fibromyalgia, and encourages women to have mercy on themselves to avoid the things she has suffered. Capable of being quite harsh but is also reasonable and intelligent, particularly one-on-one. Has a leadership/mentor role at Stillbirthday.
Lisa Rhonin
Liz Clapero

Fed Up, Raptor, co-wrote the Birth Goddesses list with Meela.
Liz & Gabriel Paparella
Grieving parents after the loss of their daughter to home stillbirth. Blame the midwife for not recognizing the warning signs of Liz’s problem in labor and ultimate cause of their baby’s passing. The midwife tried to save the baby but it was too little too late, and the couple have decided that she must be incompetent. Big in the Raptor group and very respected and vocal, their story is used to illustrate how homebirth is stupid as much as Bambi’s is. Rally against midwives regularly. Both seem very smart, and patient, and loving… to a point. With Liz, sooner or later her patience runs out and if you are just not seeing things her way, she will lash out at you. She fails to recognize the harm her community causes others and therefore cannot recognize why makeup of Stillbirthday would concern others. Her take on it is:  people who haven’t lost children cannot judge what other loss mothers need. Only people who have lost can tell you what a loss parent needs. Does not extend the same rationale to birth methods and attendants chosen for victims of birth trauma. Formerly blogged at The Paparella Brood.
Lyndsay Smith Majewski
Raptor, Fed Up, just one of the crowd. Stalker.
Malka H(oney) S(perri)
Margarita (Sheikh) (Gallegos) Mareboina
Not thought to be malicious, Margarita was swiftly taken in by this group as they watched her suffer a homebirth loss. The effect they have had on her is part of why they are so dangerous to women in grief. She suffered a loss and they welcomed her in. She is in Fed Up but it’s unknown just how much she subscribes to.
Marie Morgano Schwarzenberg
Marlo Williams
Raptor, Fed Up, regurgitates hate speech and Amy nonsense without comprehending the science she chooses to debate. She had a bad experience attempting natural birth, even though it was something she was iffy about and felt pressured into to begin with, and uses that to justify her hatred. Believes pleasant and pain-free natural childbirths are only “lies”.
Marni Nicholas/ Oak Tree Mama
Mary Schreiner
Mary White
Meela Davis
Fed Upper, Raptor. Smart person, capable of being reasonable and civil, but how much of that is just a show to spy and report back to her buddies? Had many birth people on a Raptor “Watch List” as being dangerous. They were labeled “Birth Goddesses”.
Melanie McGrath
Melisa Holloman
Melissa Record
Michele Weiler
Michelle Aurora
May have fertility issues or medical issues making her bitter. Fed Upper and Raptor. Very catty and insulting.
Miriam Anixter
Fed Up, Raptor, Doctor, more coming soon.
Monica Barnes
Fed Up, probable Raptor. Blogs at Monica’s Mom Musings. Loves to get wrapped up in the gossip and entanglements of the internet feuds, but knows next to nothing about the subject matter. ‘Bless her heart’, she tries to argue anyway, mostly just in the form of “Yeah, what she said!” to her friends.
Myrisa Spencer
Naima Van Swol
“Nicole Freebirther Patras”
Motives and speech consistent with Florence Brun Tirakayos. Joins all the stereotypical birthy pages, but mysteriously always agrees with what trolls say. Other clues included having people with the surname Brun in her friends list.
Nicole Yvonne
Olivia June Greenham-Hiebert
Raptor and Fed Upper, one of the youngest (if not, the). Formerly a bit of a wild child, she and her much older fiance had a baby in the hospital in a medical birth. The baby ended up suffering a disability and has special needs. This confirms to the girl (unresearched) that she needed to be in the hospital or the baby definitely would have died, so she is therefore passionate about the stupidity of homebirth. Her age shows when she tries to insult people she disagrees with.
Patricia La Brie
Fed Up, Raptor, Stillbirthday roles.
Patricia Smith
“Persephone Peters”
Rachel Shugart/Silverfish
Rhiannon Wallstedt Woo/ rhiandmoi
Rita Waller Paesano
Ruthie Davis
January BWF’s bff (for the moment), she admins for the Facebook page and also comes to The Skeptical Mother to harass her. She is known for trying to threaten TSM with outing her identity, because she had the nerve to show a gay couple becoming parents on her page. This is apparently only January’s turf. No screenshots as malicious comments were deleted before we could capture it.
Sara Allsopp Lander
Sara Beutter Manus

Sara Larane (Kepich) Savel
Fed Up, Raptor, Banned From Birth Pages. She is the resident genealogist and used her sleuthy skills to find out everything she could about The Skeptical Mother, who was wrongfully suspected of being part of this project. Sara is the reason the trolls had and spread very personal info of TSM’s. Sara sent private messages to TSM to tell her to publicly denounce this project or be revealed.
Sara Rose White
Fed Up, Raptors, one of the admins on Banned From Birth Pages (signs as “R”). She claims she was having an Unassisted Pregnancy with plans for Unassisted Childbirth when she went into premature labor. Her baby was in the NICU and she blames herself, apparently convinced UP & UC are the problem.
Sara Snyder
Fed Up, etc. Safer Midwifery for Michigan. Lost her son at a birth center birth; now takes aim at midwives and homebirth.
Sara VanLooy/ Savithny
Sarah Bent/ Twinklefae
Sarah Verkuil Turner
Sarah W(olfe)
Seili Wennam
Shannon Honda/ Krystle Nikiforos
Sonya (Brown) Hunt
Stacey Westover Martin
Fed Up, Raptor. Has lived with Liz P. before. Has been known for openly expressing that she does blame loss mothers for their losses, even if she sympathizes with them. One of the harder and most unsympathetic Amy commentators around.
Star Rodriguez (IBCLC)/ Stephanie Rodriguez
Stephanie Briggs
Fed Upper, possible Raptor. This woman has some conditions or disabilities that have required lots of hospital time and surgeries, and she was informed that conceiving may not be possible. If she does conceive, she would more than likely require medical care. For these reasons and more, she feels she is fit to judge other women who have actually given birth on the condition and treatment they face via medicine. She is merciless to mock others, undoubtedly some relic from her own bullied past, and she thrives on the feeling of belonging with this seemingly elite group of internet crusaders. It is also worth noting that she is in the UK and has not experienced the US medical system firsthand. Her own bitterness and acceptance with her own fate and hospital familiarity has entitled her to rag on women she does not know who’ve been harmed, assuming the whole world who differ are idiots, but the fact that she nitpicks everything and annoys everyone (even in her own group) is just a bonus. Classic precocious would-be knowitall. She fits in because she seems to think that her pain trumps the pain of everyone else, who must be crybabies. Her motto could be: “What are they whining for? It can’t be that bad.”
Stephanie Schillo
Tan(aya) Kelso
Tara Dukaczewicz
Tara Paesano
Teresia Suzanne
Veronica Nichols/ maia sayet
Wendy Hermionie Garcia
Fed Up, probable Raptor, rumored “Utah Caller” who interfered with The Feminist Breeder’s personal life.

Trolls Pages/Groups on Facebook
10 Centimeters
Action to Improve Maternity (AIM)
Balanced Birth (formerly suffixed “Banned from BWF”)
Banned From Birth Pages
Banned by the Feminist Breeder
Barf Without Fear
Birth: Raptor Style
Birth Stories on Demand
see her profile above for more explanation.
Birth Without Fear
This and her now defunct support group (since reincarnated) were at first attacked by trolls, but became less so after she gave in to them. Typically thought of as positive, her page descended into one which allowed the trolls but banned innocent fans.
Birth Without BS
Breastfeeding Without BS
Cesarean Smiles
Childbirth PaTrolling
Childbirth Without Guilt
Fed Up With Natural Childbirth
I gave birth in a hospital. not a sheeple. not lazy. just educated.
I support killer midwives and that’s final!
I want to STOP Lisa Barrett and that’s final
I want to STOP reckless midwives and that’s final
Informed Parents of Vaccinated Children
The Judgemental Mom
Killing Misinformation
Life Being Blonde
Made To Birth (a mock page parodied after a larger page of same name)
Musings of a Plus Sized Mom
My Educated Birth
Our Muddy Boobs
The Pregnant Christian
The Proud Cesarean
Safe and Healthy Mommas, Babies, Families
Safe Childbirth
SafEST Childbirth
Shit My Vlad Says
Skeptical Baby
Urinating Without Fear

Troll Blogs
Birth Without Fear
see above details in both categories for details.
Childbirth Without Guilt
Happy with Hospital Birth
Harmony & all that Jazz
The Homebirth Debate
Hurt By Homebirth
Life as 5
Life Being Blonde
Mama Tao
Mothering Many Feet
My Midwife Said What?
Oregon Midwife Info
Oregon Midwife Reviews
The Paparella Brood
Safer Midwifery for Michigan
The Skeptical OB
Shit My Vlad Says
10 Centimeters
That’s Not How Science Works
What Pale Blue Dot?

Troll Hangouts
You may have innocently met them here, or been lured there by them. Some are just minor places owned by trolls. It is inadvisable to be at these places for level of hostile activity. These are web sites. (MDC)
Mama Drama
Trolls With Wooden Spoons
Fertility Friend
Babies in Bloom Birth Services
Birth Stories on Demand
Navelgazing Midwife (blog and fb page)


  1. Can you add Susanna Marchuk to the list she’s a Dr Amy troll

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — October 2, 2013 @ 3:46 pm

    • What experiences have you had with her?

      Comment by ♥♂►Elizabeth, ISOTP Birth◄♀♥ — October 3, 2013 @ 2:46 pm

      • Sorry, just rechecked in here. We had problems with her our VBAMC, VBAC, HBAC (Vaginal Birth After one or more C-sections) group. She reported birth pictures, post screen shots from our private page into the Fed up page and her and others made fun of it and she post some very negative/hurtful comments too

        Comment by Ruth Rodley — April 21, 2014 @ 6:05 am

  2. A list of trolls from a specific thread on Jan Tritten’s page

    Tara Dukaczewicz
    Jesse Stavis
    Anj Fabian
    Kate Mulligan Wolfe
    Sara Beutter Manus
    Elizabeth Brown
    Holly Winscott
    Jess Anderson
    Maria Klein
    Jennifer Warren
    Andrea Kachudas
    Amos Grunebaum
    Jo Luke
    Megha Jolly
    Nicholas Cowan
    Rita Waller Paesano
    Shameon Betterbirth
    Jennifer Hooligan Delaney
    Meagan Tubb
    Emily Craig

    Comment by Nin Ja — February 25, 2014 @ 3:42 pm

  3. Wondering why Navelgazing Midwife is only listed as a troll hangout and not an actual troll…

    Comment by erthemama — April 21, 2014 @ 9:32 pm

  4. Amy J Kerr – is an active Fed upper

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — April 28, 2014 @ 6:08 pm

    Ashley Bodner (BANNED – ACTIVE FED UPPER)

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — April 28, 2014 @ 6:08 pm

  6. Larissa Rosina – is a Fed upper

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — May 4, 2014 @ 4:10 am

    • She just tried to come after us. She is trying to report women to the police. Threatening women to give her their personal information. 😦

      Comment by Courtney Bray — July 27, 2014 @ 12:56 am

      • These Fed up woman are just getting to be a total pain. I got my hubby to write a computer program so I can check names in our vbac group against those in Dr’s Amys Fed up page. It spits out names that are the same (usually trolls, only a couple with same name but different people) has been very handy finding trolls.

        Comment by Ruth Rodley — July 30, 2014 @ 4:41 pm

  7. Why is over 90% of this list female or whatever they
    consider them selves.

    Comment by John — May 21, 2014 @ 9:09 pm

  8. Larissa Rosalina can go back on the list. She’s still at large. Just joined our home birth group, then a member warned us, so we banned her before she could wreak havoc

    Comment by Courtney Bray — July 27, 2014 @ 12:24 am

  9. *Rosina

    Comment by Courtney Bray — July 27, 2014 @ 12:55 am

  10. Elissa Marie is a Fed Upper

    Comment by Megan Diveley — July 27, 2014 @ 10:08 pm

  11. Not sure if these names are on the list, but us admins of our vbac group have our own special admin group where we discuss all Fed uppers and have a list of trolls incase they try to rejoin.
    Amy J Kerr (fedupper)
    Chancey Mahealani (fedupper)
    Courtney Elliott (fedupper)
    Chancey Mahealani (fedupper)
    Shondra Nicole (fedupper)
    Janel Hyland
    Kasey Maldonado
    Shondra Nicole
    Ros Franceschin
    Mikah Dotson
    Kasey Maldonado
    Ruru Ru’yati
    Trianna Rae

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — July 30, 2014 @ 4:44 pm

  12. Ely Mackenzie, a Fed upper. Just tried to join our home birth group

    Comment by Courtney Bray — July 30, 2014 @ 9:07 pm

    • Courtney, would you like me to join your group then I can do what I call a troll scan (for feduppers) my hubby made a program for our computer so I can do that. I just need a list of all the members names and I can compare them to the fed up members list. I have an alias in there.

      Comment by Ruth Rodley — July 30, 2014 @ 10:20 pm

      • Absolutely!! I linked our group in the comments. I would greatly appreciate it!

        Comment by Courtney Bray — August 4, 2014 @ 7:52 pm

      • Click my name and it will take you to our group

        Comment by Courtney Bray — August 4, 2014 @ 7:52 pm

  13. Bethany Shondark Mandel – is a troll. very anti birth stuff.

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — August 19, 2014 @ 11:22 pm

  14. Karen Downer Herbert – Fedupper

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — September 9, 2014 @ 4:39 pm

  15. Keisha Griswold – Fedupper

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — September 9, 2014 @ 4:40 pm

  16. Emily Kinney – Fedupper

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — September 9, 2014 @ 4:40 pm

  17. Carolyne Davidson – Fedupper

    Comment by Ruth Rodley — September 9, 2014 @ 4:40 pm

  18. Aleah Steiner – Should really keep quiet seeing as the birth for her last child came with complications.

    Comment by MIssus — October 31, 2014 @ 12:26 am

  19. You hit the nail on the head with your description of January Harshe!

    Comment by Amanda — November 2, 2014 @ 10:08 am

  20. Andrea Kachudas – Fedupper
    Kory Oransky – Fedupper

    Comment by Ruth — November 13, 2014 @ 3:54 pm

  21. These are the same person using different accounts. but stupid enough to use the same profile pic right now.
    Gina Di Pietro –
    Karen Spence –

    Comment by Ruth — January 7, 2015 @ 6:46 pm

  22. Mary Santiago – TROLL.. fake account. made up a horrible story had us all helping. and none of it was real.

    Comment by Ruth — January 15, 2015 @ 2:03 am

  23. Babycenter is a huge troll hangout. Most of the moderators there are trolls.

    Comment by Shane — August 7, 2017 @ 9:06 pm

  24. Meela Davis is an evil narcissistic manipulator who will never apologise for the consequences to others of her bi polar disorder and enjoys causing emotional torture. Do not trust a word she says.

    Comment by Tabbatha — February 28, 2019 @ 9:07 am

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