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Marlet/Cassie + TWWS: Keeping Families Apart? | June 17, 2013

This is Cassie, aka “Marlet” on Trolls With Wooden Spoons. Here on a picture taken from her public Facebook profile, you can see her freely reference TWWS with other members.

^Bottom left: other troll “Nicole Freebirther Patras” happens to be in the same Henderson group that Cassie is in and comments within, right.

Notice how Nicole says she is from San Mateo, CA. Nicole was thought to be a sockpuppet of Florence Brun Tirakayos, who has previously been thought to be located in San Mateo (but is definitely connected to Southern California).

Here is the description for the Henderson group, followed by evidence of ongoing threads at TWWS on the topic. Marlet participates. Also thrown in is Marlet’s MDC info.

marlet2Here TWWS discusses the family, including things they feel are wrong or abusive about the family. They go on to talk about things you could only know in the private group for The Hendersons, and a sad situation regardless of your opinion on the family is chased for “snark” and “fodder”. Because, sad family situations are amusement for trolls, no matter how much concern trolling is done to mask it.

Other TWWS members wonder who Cassie is, but Marlet doesn’t out herself. Instead she makes sensational statements about herself, attempting to add intrigue to the situation.

We don’t know much about the Henderson case. We haven’t kept up. We don’t know who’s right and wrong. We only know that the Hendersons are trying to get their kids back, they believe they were taken completely unjustly, they have several (public and private) support groups set up regarding their attempts seeking justice, and TWWS are infiltrating these groups. The weakest side of the spectrum for infiltration involves being amused and entertained over family tragedy. The worst side of the spectrum involves actively attempting to keep a family they’ve never met apart.

The Henderson group already believes that TWWS is responsible for real interference.

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