Lifting The Veil

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of things we are hearing which deserve a response. We don’t want to keep addressing the same points over and over again. We will refer people to this when their question could be answered here.

This must have taken you so long to do! I feel sorry for your kids.

The content in this project was something that naturally accumulated over time but also runs on multiple eyes and sources/submissions. Every time we turned on our computer screens, there were more harassing blog/page/email/forum comments towards us (and towards countless innocent people we’ve come in contact with). Those who initiated contact to do the harassing in the first place… most of you are also mothers. The hours devoted to hounding us were unnecessary wastes.

These women are heroes fighting for women and babies!

It is not necessary to troll birth things on the internet all day long to fight for women and babies. Starting fights with people you disagree with and targeting them for harassment has nothing to do with midwife legislation and other such goals. If that is your focus, keep the goal outside your front door.

I’m crunchtastic. I do all the right things. I babywear, breastfeed, and VBAC. Why am I on this list?

We are not concerned with your crunch card or how you give birth. Lots of trolls have crunchy qualities. This page is about people who judge other women on the internet but don’t have the decency to keep it to themselves. This is about people who deliberately try to wound people.

You don’t know what a “troll” is?

A “troll” possesses any one or more of the following traits (for purposes of this website):

  • Deliberately joining forums, pages, or sites they strongly disagree with for the purpose of picking fights, collecting information for harassment, derailing conversation, or general community sabotage.
  • Using multiple aliases in order to deceive readers on the internet in an effort to manipulate the feelings of others, either to sway thinking to their side or earn trust, as well as to bypass “bans” placed on them for past abusive behavior. This includes abusive anonymous comments.
  • Offers no constructive conversation and is only interested in things which are inflammatory, abusive, or sadistically entertaining.
  • Joins forums, pages, and sites which promote this kind of behavior and engage in/encourage this behavior.
  • Attempts to interfere with the real lives of others. Examples include destroying small businesses, leaving phony business reviews, calling CPS on families, and calling the police with “concerns”. This has sometimes taken the form of baiting, where the troll pretends to befriend and care about someone, and offers some kind of assistance in their lives. This is a ploy to obtain personal information (such as addresses) to wreak havoc.
  • Follows individuals whom they hate around the internet strictly for harassment purposes.

We don’t care if you disagree with our parenting. The point is how far you take that. “Troll” in this way is the same as “bully”, “stalker”, “harasser”, “tormentor”.
Anyone on the list is guilty of at least one of the above characteristics. The most common trait is the 4th.

How disturbed can you be to make such a list (the Master Troll List)?

Pretty disturbed by the constant attacks and threats made to us. Enough to speak up about it.

There are some sites on here that I don’t think deserve to be included.

First, make sure you check the sub-category it’s under. Second, know the history before you make that judgment. You might not know them well enough. Third, try our search function. You will be able to find more details on a subject with it. Keep in mind we are adding more info all the time.

These people just want to increase accountability!

Then they will have no problem being held accountable here and now for the damages they’ve inflicted on others (mostly strangers who did not otherwise know them).

This list is paranoid.

This is all based on our real life experiences spanning months or years (depending on the source).

Is this blog a threat?

Now who’s being paranoid? No. There are no threats here. Funny that the same people feeling threatened by their names on a list had a list of natural birth advocates and similar parenting people to stalk and harass.

I’ll be contacting my lawyer.

Our experiences and opinions are protected by free speech. Anything that was visible on the internet is available for public scrutiny and discussion.

You know this already since it is the invocation used in any of your blogs, Facebook comments, and other activities wherein you’ve used people’s full names, photos, birth stories, business and practice information, etc. in a defamatory manner.

On the other hand, we do have cases of actual libel against your group we could choose to pursue. Isn’t this blog a better, more fitting, fairer response?

Congratulations on publishing something that was already public about people that weren’t really hiding this information!

Exactly. So you won’t mind if it remains. It’s merely compilations of info that were already available to the public (with additional observational commentary).

I’ve seen you post on your Facebook page stories about people tracking and meeting their trolls. Are you trying to say you know where we live? What are you planning to do with that information?

Again, don’t be paranoid. Should it freak you out that the people you’ve been bothering have your personal info? Of course! Stories like the one we posted are morality tales, mostly about the impact you are making on the people you hurt. We actually hope you’ll take them to heart and realize the person on the other end of the screen is a human being. We’re not posting these stories because we want you to be concerned for yourself. If you’re still only thinking about yourself, you’re missing the point.

But yes. We know where you live. (lol)

The people you are talking about have been instrumental in helping me in my personal life, helping me improve as a person, etc. You don’t know them like I know them.

You were lucky. Every human has pluses and minuses. To ask the trolls not be held accountable based on their private personal virtue to you is unfair. Taking into consideration the full human being is good, but we also wish that same consideration was given to us before we were victimized for our lifestyles.

What are you trying to prove?

You can’t go after people and not expect them to have a response. You can’t attack someone and then demand they keep quiet about it. That’s like asking a victim of assault not to file a report. Consider this our report. If you don’t like it, maybe you should stop harming strangers on the internet.

It’s just the internet.

Ok. It’s just the internet.

I agree that these people are sick, twisted, and out of line. Still, is this site necessary? Aren’t you just adding fuel to the fire?

So far silence hasn’t worked. Turning the other cheek isn’t stopping anything from happening. Bullying thrives because good people sit back and do nothing. The way to take away a bully’s power is to stand up to them. On the internet, one way to disarm a bully is through information. They won’t be able to inflict the same pain on people if the public is forewarned.

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    Content not accompanied/supported by evidence is anecdotal and provided by participants and donor submission. Everything herein is factual to the best of our knowledge; however, individual discretion is urged and advised.

    The opinions expressed here through observation and experience are protected by free speech.

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